Le Camerelle

Simplicity and refinement are two elements that live together perfectly in Capri, creating a unique alchemy. You can breath simplicity just by walking along the most hidden and authentic streets of the isle where nature’s flavours recall forgotten atmospheres, refinement and taste for the details, matching colours, a sober and polished reception. We tried to recreate this atmosphere in our restaurant creating simple courses with original ingredients, with a fully reinvented shape, to be tasted in an amazing location where you can enjoy all the magics of Capri..

Right through the heart of the Capri shopping way, the restaurant Le Camerelle is the perfect place to enjoy a sunny lunch or a candle-lit dinner.
The professional and sober reception, the sobriety and the elegance of the furnitures where to recognize the isle’s typical colours, pair completely with a simple and refined cuisine that will fill your heart.
A perfect balance that reveals the unique beauty of Capri.
The simple
colours of
Plenty of
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The quality of the typical ingredients to discover again authentic flavours once forgotten, the preciousness of new combinations that create courses that will surprise eyes and taste.
The simplicity of our “caprese”, the freshness of our fish carpaccio, all the selected raw materials represent the heart of our cuisine that re-interpretates the courses of our traditions so to leave you the best memories of your staying in Capri.

T +39 081 837 8677

Via Camerelle, 81
80073 – Capri (NA)

Open every day
11.30 am 01.30 am

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